Tradition 7 Online

Cash only groups

Some groups do not have a bank account. Members of these groups can keep a 'pot' at home and practice Tradition 7 whenever they go to a meeting. Once they return to their home group(s) they can then take their contributions to their home group(s).

Bank accounts

Some groups send members the sort code and account number of their bank account in the 'Chat' function in Zoom during their meetings. Some members of groups have set up standing orders to their home groups and to GSO - see below. Some of the FinTech banks like Monzo & Starling make payments easier.

Easy to use. The group's treasurer sends a link to everyone in the 'Chat' function of the Zoom meeting. Members who have a PayPal account click on the link and input an amount. Click here for more information.

Cash App

Cash App is a simple way to pay. Sending and receiving money is free and fast. You can pay a phone number or an email address, so no need for the payees' bank account details. Just link a debit card, enter an amount, and select a contact to pay or request! Available for iOS and Android. Click here for more information.

Combined approach

Some groups have combined the use of a number of approaches: different payment methods suit different people.

Other payment methods

To add your group's payment method to our list please email us.