Conference 2022

56th General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous GB 2022

You are welcome to respond to the questions for conference here, or by email:

If you live south of the Thames and are part of London Region (South) email us

If you live north of the Thames and are part of London Region (North) email us

Let us know the name of your group, your role in it, and whether you are responding as a group or as an individual.


Questions for Conference 2022 have now been released and are published in the AA Service News. Click here for the Winter edition of AA Service News. London Region South Conference Delegates are visiting Intergroups, and will be hosting online workshops on the questions. Your responses can be made via this online form or with this printable response form. There are three region led Zoom discussions on Questions for Conference 2022 for all Intergroup GSRs and any AA members who are interested. Each session will run from 7pm to 8pm. Delegates will answer queries on Conference and How it Works.

Committee 1 and 2: 11 January

Committee 3 and 4: 18 January

Committee 5 and 6: 25 January The password is 563682. For more information email us.

Download a copy of How to Submit a Question for Conference