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If you experience problems with our site - or have suggestions for improving it - please email us.

We would like to expand our team. A small group of us work to design, develop and optimise this site. If you have front- or back-end skills and would like to learn more about joining us please email us. We are keen to hear from you. We are looking for an animator and also need people with web design skills.

Our open source project is on github and you can find it here:


Please create a fork and try to get up and running locally. If you have any issues please put them into the issues section in github.

Our technology stack is:

Python is our backend language

Django is our backend framework

React is our front end framework

If you are new to these it will be best if you start with the Django and React tutorials. We are all volunteers so we cannot afford too much time to train beginners. The Django and React tutorials are an excellent resource and a great place to start.

We would value anyone with up to date html/css skills. Currently our implementation of css could do with substantial improvement. We started from a free template that we have manipulated using a css-grid approach. We also need you to turn designs into html/css for us.

In October 2019 London Region (North) purchased the domain alcoholicsanonymouslondon.com to develop a prototype website. In March 2020 London Region (North) created a sub-committee (see above) to design, develop and optimise this site. In the same month we merged our site with sites created by Annabel E and Sam D. London Region (North) endorsed our site in May 2020. London Region (South) endorsed our site in June 2020. We have rerouted the traffic to our site to aa-london.com.

We have created links on our site to AAGB's national website https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk.