Add to Home Screen

Creating an app from a webpage on iPhone

  • open a web page e.g. in a browser
  • tap the share icon
new homescreen.png
  • scroll down to Add to Home Screen
  • tap Add to Home Screen
  • type a name for the app e.g. Meetings

Electronic communications

Role of an electronic communications liaison officer (ECLO):

  • advise intergroup on the facilities available on the AAGB website
  • check the accuracy of meeting data posted on the AAGB website
  • create, maintain and update intergroup microsite
  • keep the confidential directory up to date
  • promote continuity in service by encouraging intergroup officers to use AA email accounts
  • liaise with the region electronic communications liaison officer

Our website

Our website is designed, developed, optimised, maintained, and updated by volunteers. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you can make a contribution to the development of the site. If you have graphic design skills, code in Python and/or are familiar with Django and React, and can spare an hour from time to time, or would like to learn more, please contact us or contact your intergroup's ECLO:

Kate F ECLO, London Chelsea Intergroup SW1 SW3 SW5 SW7 SW10 SW11

meets 1930, 3rd Wednesday, odd months, St Columba’s Church of Scotland, SW1X 0BD

Vitor K ECLO, London City Intergroup EC1 EC2 EC3 EC4

meets 1900, 3rd Monday, odd months, St Edmund King & Martyr, EC3V 9EA

Mike U ECLO, London East Intergroup E3-E18 IG1 IG3 IG4 IG6 IG8 IG9 IG11

meets 1915, 2nd Monday, even months, Durning Hall, E7 9AB

Ian W ECLO, London Kensington & Fulham Intergroup SW6 SW10

meets 1930, 2nd Monday, odd months, Response Bookshop, SW5 9JF

Raja K ECLO, London North Intergroup N2 N3 N9-N14 N18 N20 N21 EN1 EN3 EN4 EN5 EN6

meets 1945, 3rd Friday, odd months, Our Lady of Lourdes, N11 1AA

Nico B ECLO, London North East Intergroup N1 N4-N8 N15-N19 N22 Barnet Potters Bar  

meets 1930, last Thursday, odd months, Popham Community Centre, N1 8QW

Rosemary M Chair, London North Middlesex Intergroup HA0-HA6 UB8-UB10

meets 1930, 1st Wednesday, quarterly, Elmfield Church, HA2 7DX  

Brendan, ECLO, London North West Intergroup NW1-NW9 W1 WC1 WC2

meets 1645, 2nd Sunday, quarterly, Abbey Community Centre, NW6 4D

James M ECLO, London West End Intergroup W1 WC1 WC2

meets 1830, 2nd Thursday, odd months, Methodist Church, W1U 2QJ

London Westway Intergroup W2-W4 W6 W8-W12 W14 SW6 NW10

meets 1930, 1st Wednesday, odd months, Salvation Army Hall, W11 1LU

London South Middlesex Intergroup TW3-TW8 TW13-TW16 TW18 TW19 UB1-UB7 W5 W13

meets 1930, dates vary, venues vary 

AA email accounts

  • for help please email alan m
  • using an AA email account means that when you rotate out of service your successor will have full access to the email activity relating to your time in the role
  • you can keep your AA service work separate from your other work and from your personal emails
  • you can promote service by linking your email addres to your service commitment on our website

Setting up an AA email account

  • you can choose just to use webmail
  • you can also set up an account for your AA mail on your telephone, laptop and/or desktop computer
  • first register with the confidential directory by downloading and completing this registration form before sending it to our General Service Office in York
  • once you are registered in the Confidential Directory you may apply for your email password
  • click here to apply for your email password


  • go to webmail
  • enter your username: your AA email address
  • enter your password

Email on iPhone

  • go to settings select passwords & accounts
  • select add account
  • select other
  • select add mail account
  • input for both the incoming and the outgoing servers
  • fill in username (email address) and password for both incoming and outgoing servers
  • save to add the account
  • while still in settings>mail>accounts
  • select your new account
  • click the new account to view its options
  • click advanced at the bottom to open the advanced settings page
  • on the advanced page under incoming settings switch on use SSL
  • set authentication to password
  • set server port to 993
  • browse back to previous accounts page and click done

Chat Now

Chat Now answers real time queries from the still suffering alcoholic and provides them with information about AA. Responders cover flexible shifts of up to two hours each week.

Requirements: 2 years continuous sobriety; a good understanding of the steps and the traditions; good communication skills and an endorsement from your intergroup or region chair.

Sponsorship and support: trainees will be coached in effective ways to respond to enquiries. Chat Now responders work as a team, supporting each other and sharing their experiences. A Skype chat room is available for those who wish to participate. Email for further information.

Email Responders

  • Purpose of the role: to put the still suffering alcoholic in touch with AA's Telephone Service, or an AA Group; to provide them with information about AA, the 12 Step programme and an AA starter pack
  • Requirements: 2 years continuous sobriety and access to Skype
  • Responsibilities: shifts range from 2 hours upwards. It is important that members can respond promptly to email enquiries during their shifts
  • Sponsorship and support: full training is provided
  • Email for further information.