July 2023

Help urgently needed for London Telephone Service

The London Telephone Service answers calls every day between 10am and 10pm, with teams of three to five AA members working on four-hour shifts, taking calls from the suffering alcoholic and others.

Most volunteers now do this from home, using an app to answer calls, a dedicated website to log call details and an online meeting to communicate with the rest of the team. Many calls come from the London helpline number (020 7407 0700) but the London phone teams also pick up national calls to the 0800 helpline.

This service is supported by the London Telephone Service and Twelve-stepping Service Committee, which all Intergroup and Region Telephone Liaison Officers (TLOs) attend. The other officers on this committee are responsible for keeping London phone service operating by:

We urgently need AA members to volunteer for this Committee service. Some of the officers doing the work above have now served well beyond their three-year commitment, while others are doing work on their own which should be supported by a team.

If you have experience with our Telephone Service, that would be ideal. However, a lot of the work we need help with can be done by someone with no phone service experience, if you are willing to learn. Here are some of the roles we need to fill:

Please consider taking up this service so that we can continue to take calls and offer the hand of AA to those who need it when they first arrive.

See below for more information about each role. If you are interested, please email us – just let us know which role you’re thinking of and how we can contact you.