How we work with others in our intergroups

The responsibility of ELOs is to carry AA’s message to employers in their local area supported by intergroup and a PI/service committee if one exists. Employment specifically concerns any organisation employing or serving staff, companies, trade unions and associations, government departments and/or related agencies. An established period of sobriety (ideally not less than three years) and a thorough knowledge of the AA Service Handbook for Great Britain are necessary before accepting this role. Willingness to commit to three years service and the ability to deal with a wide range of professional people and talk about AA when invited to do so, are also qualities that have proven to be desirable.

How you could get involved

Experience has shown that AA can help in the following ways:

  • by making posters, literature, local contact numbers and details of local meetings available
  • by offering to talk to staff or management about the AA programme
  • by showing appropriate presentations
  • by making available the cumulative experience of over two million recovering alcoholics
  • by explaining what AA is and how AA can help with the problem of alcoholism inthe workplace
  • by putting employers in direct contact with men and women who have achieved sobriety in AA and who are willing to share their personal experience freely with any problem drinker who seeks help
  • by welcoming into the local group the employee who wants to do something about a drinking problem, where he or she will find an environment and friends to help them to achieve sobriety


Employment Guidelines

Hints and suggestions for writing letters to employers